Our Tutors

Our tutors are not just subject matter experts, but qualified, experienced teachers. Why? Because only a teacher truly understands the expectations placed on Ontario students and how to address them. Our teachers are not just someone who can help solve a problem or check work (though they can!), but skilled assessors who look for a student’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests, and then cater their style directly to that individual.

Not only that, but Full Education teachers are high-energy, approachable people who love their job so much that they choose to teacher after school too! This means that you get the best student-teacher relationship possible, which is absolutely critical, as finding the right ‘fit’ is the cornerstone of a successful program.

Why not just hire a teacher or tutor on my own?

Full Education is a full-service agency, which provides our families with several advantages:

  • Pre-screening: All our tutors go through an intensive interview process to make sure that they are not only excellent communicators, but reliable, safe individuals to bring into your home.
  • Personality Matching: With a large pool of professionals to choose from, Full Education isn’t just looking to pair the student with a qualified teacher, but someone who will engage them. Not every teacher’s style works with every student: the advantage to working with Full Education is that we can send you a different tutor if the personalities just don’t jive.
  • Easy, Transparent Payments: No need to have cash around each time the tutor comes! Full Education sends a monthly invoice reflecting your usage, and then bills your credit card automatically 48 hours later.
  • Access to a Large Tutor Pool: Add or change tutors as your student’s needs change; or, if they just need help with a concept or two before a test, Full Education can provide tutors for nearly every subject in the Ontario Curriculum. If your regular tutor is unable to make an appointment, back-up tutors are available to make sure your student gets what they need when they need it.
  • Targeted Programming: Each student who goes through our assessment process receives a customized program that identifies specific goals and skills to be addressed. This long-range planning ensures that the student gets as much as possible out of the session times, and helps direct the tutoring sessions in a purposeful way.