Our Approach

What is skills-based tutoring?

Our philosophy is simple: students cannot learn unless they have the underlying skills and knowledge necessary to support that new knowledge. Therefore, our approach to tutoring approach seeks to identify the student’s weaknesses or knowledge gaps and then address those directly so that they will be capable of understanding and applying the new material they learn in class.

Our program is modeled on the Ontario Curriculum is taught by experienced teachers. These teachers are experts not only at understanding and teaching the curriculum expectations, but at developing student learning skills as well. We believe that a student’s study skills & habits are critical to their processing of new information. This is why we include study skills, such as organization, time management, test & assignment preparation, note-taking, and reading skills in all our tutoring programs. When a student understands how they learn, they are better equipped to tackle new material.

Along with study skills, our tutors are experts at breaking down concepts into their component parts and identifying learning gaps. For example, if the student does not understand how a fraction works, it’s unlikely that they will understand ratios, such as speed or density, that they learn in science. By going back and helping that student understand the concept of fractional numbers, the tutor is equipping them to not only complete their homework assignment, but improving their chances of understanding other ratio-based problems in the future.

This is how our approach to tutoring goes well beyond traditional tutoring: we’re not just putting a Band-Aid on the problem, but showing the student how they can become a successful, independent learner. The goal of all our tutoring programs is to get your student to the point where they don’t need us anymore!