So, What’s the Deal with Math?

It’s been all over the news of late: Ontario students are struggling with math.  Many are blaming the ‘new style’ of teaching math.  But what exactly is that?  Let’s break it down. Inquiry/Discovery/Problem-Based Math is a system of learning that is meant to: Help students actually understand what they are doing with numbers Make connections […]

Vlog #2: When to get started on a tutoring program

  So often parents ask when is the right time to get going with tutoring.  If you’ve made that decision that you’re bringing in a tutor, find out when Michelle thinks it’s best to integrate them into your home.

Our Vlog is Here!

It’s all about the video these days, so we’re jumping on the bandwagon.  Here’s our first Vlog Post – an introduction to me and the business.  Be gentle – it’s my first video! – M

The Importance of Writing

Written communication is an essential element of expression; the ability to articulate oneself through the written word provides one with the opportunity to share their knowledge in a meaningful and effective way.

From an educational perspective: Developing written skills will enable students to learn how to compose ideas, organize their thoughts and arguments, support key points and share information. Acquiring these skills will also prepare students for their future academic and professional endeavors.