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ADHD LD Students

Tutoring for ADD/ADHD Students

No diagnosis is more misunderstood than ADHD. Unfortunately, despite the fact that ADHD has now been recognized as a learning disability under the Education Act, many schools simply are ill-equipped or too prejudiced to deal with the unique needs of ADHD students. At Full Education we recognize that ADHD is a complex condition that affects the child’s executive functioning abilities, and as such, their tutoring programs must be purposefully-designed to help them achieve their full potential.

All our ADHD tutors go through additional learning on the nature of ADHD and specific strategies for working with ADHD students before working with any clients. They are enthusiastic and patient teachers who will establish structure in the tutoring routine. Given the high comorbidity between ADHD and certain learning disabilities, our ADHD tutors are all adept at working with reading and writing challenges. All our ADHD tutoring programs have a strong focus on organization and planning skills, problem solving, and initiating tasks, though each program is specifically tailored to the individual student’s needs. Each program is personally managed by Michelle Fullerton, our Education Director, who has extensive experience working with ADHD students.

Cost: $70/hour

Tutoring for LD Students

For students with learning disabilities, school can be extremely stressful: oftentimes the lesson just moves too fast for them to process the information being presented. Full Education’s LD Tutoring programs are specifically-designed to help students with learning disabilities to not only keep up with the classroom material, but master it.

LD Tutoring programs begin with a thorough review of all psychoeducational assessment reports, IEP documentation, and an interview with the parents and the student. This results in a customized program that will identify specific strategies and goals for the tutoring program. Once established, a tutor experienced with the student’s needs takes over the program. LD Tutoring Programs can be tailored to address needs across courses (such as with writing or reading), or be course-specific.

Cost: $70/hour