ADHD Tutoring

ADHD is by far and away one of the most misunderstood learning disabilities in Ontario classrooms, despite the fact that it affects 5-12% of the school population.  Full Education’s programs:

  • Are taught by teachers who understand & enjoy working with students with ADHD
  • Incorporate strategies and tools to help ADHD students manage school
  • Are customized to the student’s individual learning profile

ADHD tutoring is available in all grades and subjects.  Please contact us to discuss your student’s specific needs.

Students with Learning Disabilities

Students with Learning Disabilities and IEPs get special treatment here!

  • Their tutors will be Ontario-Certified Teachers with Special Education knowledge
  • Programs are customized to the individual learning profile
  • Lessons include building of learning skills & helping students to understand how they learn

Programs are available for all grades and subjects.  To get started, contact us to discuss your student’s needs.