Summer Tune-Up Programs

The summer holidays are lots of fun, but any teacher will tell you that the extended break results in learning loss. Make sure your child is ready for the year ahead by tuning up their skills with our fast and fun programs. As always, our experienced teachers work 1:1 with your child in your home to help them build their learning skills; simply choose your area(s) of focus from one of our ready-to-go programs, or build your own!

Computer Skills

Student spends hours on games, but doesn’t know how to open Microsoft Word?  This 5-session program covers the basic skills students need to be independent on the computer, including using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; proper typing technique; and how to effectively research using the internet. Note: student must have access to a computer for sessions.

Essay Writing

The essay is among the most complicated tasks a student is required to complete in their academic career.  Learn the best way to approach researching, outlining, developing a thesis, drafting, editing, citing and polishing an essay in this six-session program. All materials provided.

Fact Master

If your student doesn’t know their multiplication tables or basic sums, then this program is for you. In five sessions, students will be introduced to unique and fun strategies to help promote retention of these all-important mathematical facts. Send your student back to school with lightning-fast recall and cut down math homework time! Note: regular practice between sessions is required for maximum program benefit. All materials included.

Grammar Guru

Should that word be capitalized? What punctuation piece do I use? What on earth is a dangling modifier? This program demystifies the complex world of grammar and equips students to put their best foot forward in writing tasks. Leveled to your child’s grade, this 5-session course will cover topics such as sentence structure, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. All materials included.

Making Number Sense

Fractions and decimals, integers and inverses: how exactly do these things work? This program helps students develop a strong understanding of how these sometimes tricky concepts are nothing to be feared. Through 5 sessions of activities, manipulatives, and regular practice, students achieve a solid mathematical background that makes math approachable, and dare we say fun? All materials included.


Is your student still without a signature because they never learned cursive writing? Cursive writing, though typically faster in the long term, is abandoned by many students because they only learn it in third grade. This program helps students to develop their handwriting skills so that they can put their best foot forward on handwritten tasks. Not everything can be done on a computer! This program consists of 3 sessions with regular practice in between.

Post-Secondary Choices

Going to university or college in 2014 and want to get a head start on the decision-making process? In this program, students will learn how to research programs of interest, the application process, and how to best answer those pesky additional requirements. In three sessions, our guidance experts work 1:1 with the grad-to-be to ensure that they’re prepared to make the biggest decision of their academic career.

Problem Solver

Word problems can make even the strongest math students break a sweat, but fear no more! Problem solver teaches students how to decode the problem, develop a plan, solve, and then effectively communicate their results. This 5-session program is leveled to the student’s grade. All materials included.

Study Skills

This program covers the essential skills all students need for school success, including taking notes, organizing materials, tracking short and long-term deadlines, planning for assignments, and test-taking strategies. The program is 5 sessions long, and will require the student to provide school supplies for the upcoming school year for preparation with the tutor.

Summer Reading

Regular reading is essential to avoiding summer learning loss, and if your student isn’t likely to do it on his/her own, then this program is for you! The tutor will select an appropriate text for the student’s age/interests and, over the course of four sessions, will guide them through the text with a series of activities to promote active reading and thinking skills. Note: Students will need to read between sessions.


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