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1:1 Tutoring for Grades 4-12

Custom Tutoring for Elementary Students

Students in grades four through eight are in some of the most demanding academic years of their lives. They balance more courses than high school students, confusing multi-day schedules, and busy home lives as well! Full Education’s elementary tutoring programs are designed to help students address their specific areas of need and alleviate the stress of the weekly homework battles. Our experienced teachers are capable of assisting with any standard subject and will work with your child to help him/her build good study habits, strong literacy and numeracy skills, and build confidence. Program objectives are designed specifically with the individual student in mind, with tutors available for a variety of programs.

Cost: $70/hour

Writing Programs for Grades 7-12

One of the toughest skills a student is expected to master in school is the art of writing. For many students, the writing process is arduous, frustrating, and incredibly boring. Full Education’s writing program is specifically-designed to equip students with the skills they need to be successful not only in high school, but in their post-secondary pursuits as well. Writing programs are designed to meet the expectations of the student’s grade level, and cover topics such as outline/organizing ideas, research skills, developing thesis statements, formatting arguments, and making effective transitions.

Cost: $70/hour

Course-Specific Tutoring for Grades 4-12

If your student is struggling with a particular course or subject area, then this is the program for you. Our course-specific programs are taught by teachers with qualifications and experience with the student’s subject or course of concern. In a course-specific tutoring program, the teacher reviews the concepts a student learns in class, provides assistance in preparing assignments and studying for tests and exams, and reviews ensures that the student has the underlying study and learning skills required to be successful in the course. Most students choose to work with a tutor one hour per week, and then add sessions before tests or exams as needed. Tutors are available for most courses of the Ontario Curriculum, including math, science (physics, chemistry & biology), English, French, history, geography, social sciences, and more. For courses not specifically listed here, contact our office: we should be able to accommodate your request.

Cost: $70/hour