ADHD/LD Students

ADHD Tutoring

ADHD is by far and away one of the most misunderstood learning disabilities in Ontario classrooms, despite the fact that it affects 5-12% of the school population. Teachers will frequently describe unruly or difficult students as ‘ADD’ or ‘ADHD’ without appreciation for what it truly means to be diagnosed with this neurobiological condition. At Full Education, we recognize that ADHD students are not bad or lazy students: they are students with an executive functioning disability, and as such, must be taught differently to accommodate for their unique brains.

Full Education’s ADHD tutoring programs are taught by Ontario-Certified Teachers with additional learning in ADHD. All ADHD tutoring programs begin with a custom program plan from the Education Director, Michelle Fullerton, where she reviews the student’s assessments, interviews the student (if possible) and parents, and designs a custom approach for that individual. Tutors will review content, assist with homework, test and assignment preparation by providing strategies to overcome working memory and executive function challenges (such as starting tasks, managing time, and organization and self-regulation). Full Education’s ADHD Tutoring is specifically designed to empower students to not only understand how they learn, but to provide them with the additional support they need to process classroom content. For more information about how Full Education’s ADHD Tutoring could benefit your child, please contact us for a consultation.

LD Tutoring

For students with a Learning Disability, the classroom can be a frustrating place. Whether the student’s LD is in math, reading, writing, or processing speed, Full Education’s experienced, Ontario-Certified Teachers can provide them with the tools and attention they need to meet the demands of the aggressive Ontario Curriculum Expectations.

Full Education’s LD Tutoring Programs are specifically-tailored to the individual student’s needs and taught by an Ontario-Certified Teacher with special education knowledge. In the initial assessment, the Education Director does a complete review of Psychoeducational Assessments, IEP Documentation, and parent/student interviews in order to design a program that will address the needs of that individual student. Then, Full Education’s experienced teachers work with the student on a regular basis, providing content support, study strategies, and tools and tips to make learning accessible and enjoyable. For more information about how Full Education’s LD Tutoring could benefit your child, please contact us for a consultation.