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Full Education provides top-quality, certified teachers who come to your Toronto home.  Our expert, certified teachers will develop a custom program for your student in JK-Grade 12, helping them to achieve to their full potential.

Our teachers are dedicated and dynamic people who love working with students so much that they choose to see them after school too! We draw on our extensive experience, qualifications, and resources to ensure that all students of all learning profiles, including those with diagnosed learning disabilties or ADHD, learn how they learn so that they can be strong, independent students.

So whether your elementary student needs help with reading or math, or your high school student needs help with a specific course, we have a tutor ready to come to you when your schedule permits.

Need study skills?  Our teachers are experts at teaching organization, time management, and task completion.

It’s what we love to do – let us show you what the difference an in-home teacher can make.

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Before we found Full Education, Caroline was finding the school curriculum and homework load to be stressful – she was getting increasingly anxious and stressed about her performance in class. We found that we were having trouble helping Caroline over the hurdle of her anxiety to apply her natural abilities to her homework and school work. Both my husband and I were spending many hours after work attempting to work with Carrie through her tasks but found all of our were just getting on each other’s nerves.The first thing Michelle did with us when we approached Full Education was sit down with both Caroline and myself and my husband and really understand how all of us worked together, and how Caroline worked individually.

I was immediately impressed with how quickly she grasped Caroline’s learning style, identified the gaps and suggested how to fill them in. She developed a very practical work plan and then made sure this was implanted well with the tutors she assigned to help Caroline.After just a month of one hour sessions, once a week, Caroline was already significantly at ease. Her attitude toward her work and her own abilities exhibited a remarkable improvement. Simply, Caroline was much happier. Having a Full Education tutor come to our home once a week to work with Caroline has helped not only Caroline but myself and my husband. We no longer are spending countless hours struggling with Caroline to do her work.

We now have a plan and strategy in place to support Caroline, but most of all she is working dependently and with confidence. Homework is no longer a bad word in our house.

- Nicola L.


When my son was entering into grade 8 being his last year before high school, I knew it was time to take action and truly get him prepared. We had had some ineffective tutoring experiences over the years, but I was committed to finding a better experience for him. How lucky we were to find Michelle. From the moment we first met and discussed Grant’s needs, I knew it was the perfect fit. Michelle was experienced, professional, poised and wouldn’t put up with any “crap” from Grant…she ran a tight ship and even though a bit surprising to me, he respoonded to her with enthusiasm and commitment to success.

Most importantly, Michelle “gets” him, understands when to be tough and when not to be, when to push him to his limit and when his limit has been reached and when he needs extra help and when he just needs to do his work independantly. I can say this has been the best relationship for Grant and he feels a ton of support from Michelle. It’s fun to see the pride he has when he gets back a report or test and the first person he texts his result to is Michelle! They have a true partnership with common goals and a great result after Grade 9 !!

- Joanne R.